Posted by: Luis Silva | January 6, 2008

Super Bowl, Spice Girls and more tickets

My ticketshop is now up and running well.

We have tickets for the super bowl, upcoming spice girls shows, and popular shows such as wicked, cirque do soleil, hannah montana etc..

Also received a batch of tickets for 95% of the events happening January-February, so if you are looking for tickets for a concert, show, event, theatre, etc.. make sure to check it out 

Posted by: Luis Silva | December 12, 2007

Need tickets?

 The website is

During my short free time breaks I have been working on a project that is now complete.

Basically my new website let’s you buy tickets to virtually any concert, show, game you want! Be sure to check it out

Posted by: Luis Silva | December 10, 2007

Anti-spyware (cont)

It seems a lot of people took interest in my post about the antispyware tool I am using now.

Basically it is a whole  security suite package.

Taken from the site

Spyware Remover
Over 90% of all PCs connected to the Internet are infected by spyware within 12 minutes. It’s virtually an epidemic. Use
Netcom3™ Spyware  Remover to keep all forms of spyware and other malware at bay, using the latest detection technologies to find existing threats and new variants, plus daily updates, plus ‘always on’ Live On Guard protection. Stop spies by making sure your computer is completely free of spyware. Don’t let them see what you’re doing online!

Adware Remover
Netcom3™ Adware  Remover to keep all forms of adware from installing on your PC without your consent. Every day internet surfers install AdWare components on their PC’s without even knowing it by clicking on pop up ads, downloading music files, installing free programs and or even just visiting a website. With Netcom3™ you can discover and remove what is on your PC as well as prevent future infections. plus ‘always on’ Live On Guard protection.

Registry Cleaner – Improve System Stability
Have you ever had your computer suddenly crash, for no apparent reason? Does it run slow, despite all the anti-virus and anti-spyware software you run? Use
Netcom3™ Registry Cleaner to deep scan, defrag and optimize your important registry settings for peak efficiency and avoid system slowdowns, seizures and crashes. Sustain maximum processing power from your CPU, memory and RAM, optimize your internet settings for faster downloads.

Pop Up Blocker
Are you tired to fighting with those annoying popup windows, floating ads and even messenger service spams that appear on your screen when you’re surfing the Web? Use Netcom3™ Pop Up Blocker  to Block potential script viruses from installing on your PC, drive-by downloads and exit pop-up attacks. Works like a firewall for pop-up ads! Improved technology that ensures all types of pop-up ads are blocked, or closed quickly.

Live On Guard Protection – Boost PC Performance
Netcom3™ Live On Guard protection. Avoid crashes, seizures, slow downs and error messages. Protect your private data with the safest and most trusted solution from a leading software vendor. Stop any and all attacks from reaching your computer. say goodbye to the fear of hackers by using Netcom3™ Live On Guard protection!

Exceptionally Simple to Use
Set in a highly intuitive, attractive, logical and user-friendly graphical user interface, Netcom3™ Internet Security Suite sets the standard for ease-of-use.

Safe and Trusted
Power, Performance, Protection. Netcom3 Internet Security Suite put you in control of your PC’s performance and security. Download Netcom3 Internet Security Suite now to get all the key benefits above.

On the order page you can also see numerous awards given to the software, and on the main page it states that at&t, ebay, oracle, verizon and other big companies give a sign of Trust to this software.

Check it for yourself 

Posted by: Luis Silva | December 9, 2007

Some spyware problems

I have been having some spyware problems lately,  so I finally ordered an antispyware from this company called netcom3

you can check it here: 

In other news, I wont be writing much now because of the holidays, but will come back later in January.

The websites is running well and getting an ok amount of visitors. 

Posted by: Luis Silva | November 29, 2007

Health Insurance Rules

Health Insurance Rules

by Ivon T. Hughes


Many dual income couples, include their children on each group health insurance plan to maximize benfits. However, without some sort of system in place to help the health insurance companies coordinate benefits, it’s possible that either you or your doctor would be reimbursed for more than 100 percent of the actual cost of your claim.

To prevent this, health insurance companies typically designate one parent’s health insurance plan as the primary plan and the other as the secondary plan. (That’s why the patient questionnaire at your doctor’s office asks for information on primary and secondary coverage.) The primary plan is responsible for paying covered expenses up to the limits of the policy. If any unpaid costs are left over, the secondary coverage kicks in.


The birthday rule is often used to determine which plan is primary and which is secondary. Under this rule, the plan of the parent whose birthday occurs first in the calendar year is designated as primary. The date of birth is the determining factor not the year so it doesn’t matter which spouse is older.

Like most rules, the birthday rule has exceptions:

– If both parents share the same birthday, the parent who has been covered by his or her plan longest provides the primary coverage for the children.

– If one spouse is currently employed and has health insurance through a current employer, and the other spouse has coverage through a former employer, the plan belonging to the curently employed spouse would be primary.

– In the event of divorce or seperation, the plan of the parent with custody generally provides primary coverage. If the custodial parent remarries, the new new spouse’s coverage becomes secondary. And finally, the non custodial parent’s health insurance plan would provide a third layer of insurance protection. This order of payment can be altered by a court issued divorce decree or by agreement, but the health insurance companies must be notified.


Keep in mind that these practices are common among health insurance companies, but they are not governed by law. Practices may vary from one insurer to another. Read your policy carefully to make sure you understand how your insurance company handles dual coverage. If the policy coverage is unclear, ask for help from your employers benefit specialist or your insurer’s customer service department.

About the author:
Ivon T. Hughes of The Hughes Trustco Group is a licensed Insurance Broker. Author of The Life Insurance Handbook.


Posted by: Luis Silva | November 29, 2007

The Google Assassin

Just a quick heads up for all you clickbankers out there.

I have been a clickbank affiliate for some time but never had much success at it. Once I made $2000 in a day though, but it was a one time thing. Guess i was lucky.

During my times as an active affiliate, I received a newsletter from “Day Job Killer” , which were a great resource, but the latest one really got my attention.

DJK’s creator spent months and thousands of dollars perfecting a tool to help clickbank affiliates do their jobs much easier, its called “Google Assassin”

Google Assassin is a nifty tool, that, in a nutshell, allows you to:

-Auto create websites and ClickBank campaigns in 2 minutes
-Daddy keyword tool – stop the “testing” and start profiting
-Article Sniper – Take out your competitors and profit
-Auto-generate your Direct Links / Google Cash Campaigns
-Over 10,000 CB Products rated, New products, watchlist
-Adwords Micro-Nicher – Pay Less than 1cents per click
-150 pages of tutorials, content and training for beginners and up
-Campaign Kidnap tool – swipe Adwords ads and keywords
-DJK Blueprint Series – the seven figure blueprint exposed
-Secure free spots for our future software releases
-Complete, fully automated solution for beginner and advanced

As you can see, this isn’t just a tool, this will be your control center for your future campaigns, that will allow you to smash your competition, get clicks for as low as 1 cent, maximize the ROI of your campaign and much more.

Be sure to have a check, I will myself and post my impressions here.

Google Assassin

Posted by: Luis Silva | November 26, 2007

Blog/Website Update


Sorry for the lack of update, I have been in Italy for the past days. Visit the Pisa Tower, went to Florence, Milan, had some great mini-vacations 🙂

I should start talking about travel insurance but im not gonna bore you with that for now. The blog will be updated daily from now on, and my website is now fully functional, make sure to visit it!!

(remember what i said about the url, it says deals but its really a website with articles on the subject, no intention to sell you anything, it was just the best domain i could get :\ )

Visit, bookmark and pass along 🙂

Posted by: Luis Silva | November 13, 2007

My New Health Insurance Website

My website on health insurance is almost completed. It has been running for some days now, but there are some things left to be done. I estimate it should be fully functional tomorrow or Wednesday at most. In the mean time, check it out and bookmark it, then come back later 😀

The website consists in a database of articles related to Health Insurance. On the lower section you also have updated news about Health Insurance. Finally you can check some books on the subject from Amazon at the right side.

Posted by: Luis Silva | November 11, 2007



by David Chandler


Since competition in terms of health insurance is on the rise, it is no wonder that more and more forms of health insurance are being designed. Among these, there are few that are popular and they are briefly described below.

Individual Insurance: Ensuring a person individually is a common mode of insurance. One may be selective about what s/he wants in a plan through this process. Accordingly, one has required premium is calculated, and the insurance plan takes effect.

Group Insurance: Another type of insurance is the group arrangement. Through this type of insurance, one is compelled to abide by what others are going for, and this is dependent on the insurance providers. They are the ones that decide what is feasible to include in a plan, and on that basis, a group insurance can take place.

Indemnity Plan: This plan allows one to go to any doctor when one needs to; there are no restrictions on this, and it is believed to be more of a traditional plan. One does not need permission to go to a particular health care provider. However, usually what happens is that the member pays 20% of the total fee for treatment while the insurance provider pays 80%. In addition to this, there is a period through which one pays up in this manner, and then the company takes over paying the whole 100%.

HMO: The Health Maintenance Organization is one that allows a member to select a particular doctor off the panel. It is these selected doctors that will deal will with members’ problems. The selected doctor is the one that will be approached for checkups of any kind, and if there are problems with a member that cannot be handled by him or her, the member is referred to specialists.


About the author:
For more information, visit

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What to look for in good Health Insurance

What to look for in good Health Insurance

by Mike Spencer


Copyright 2005 Mike Spencer

Health insurance is a kind of protection that provides payment of benefits for covered sickness or injury. Included in health insurance are various types of insurance such as accident insurance, disability income insurance, medical expense insurance, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

Before sign the health insurance policy make sure that you have read thoroughly the benefit’s section. Take note of any health care service that is not covered by your health insurance policy. Also, pay specific attention to how the health insurance policy is worded. Sometimes, health insurance companies hide the health insurance coverage exclusions within the definitions of words.

For instance, a health insurance company may define the term ‘emergency’ as anything that is life threatening condition that cannot be reasonably treated by a primary care physician. Whereas, your definition of ‘emergency’ may be anything that requires quick medical attention.

Clearly, there is conflict for the two definitions. If you find yourself in an emergency situation where you incur a broker arm, for instance, your insurance company may deny coverage for emergency room treatment of a broken arm for the reason that the broken arm does not fall under the life threatening category.

Therefore, you should read over carefully the health insurance policy definitions, paying close attention to the seven key words:

medical emergency
medically necessary
accidental injury
experimental or investigational
pre certification
pre-existing condition, and
reasonable and customary

These words and any words that are open to interpretation should be regarded with wariness. Find out how your health insurance company defines each of these.

Finally, find the section describing the procedures you must follow in order for your insurance company to reimburse you. These policy conditions or prerequisites are typically worded in a positive tone. Read through each condition carefully, make notes and call your health insurance company with any questions.

You should also compare health insurance contracts before you sign one. In order to compare exclusions, take two policy contracts and find the exclusions sections. If you want to compare a number of health insurance contracts then you could use an online service.

After you obtain your free quote for the health coverage you desire, apply for it online, and you’ll obtain all the information that you’ll need to compare exclusions of each health insurance policy (though sometimes this will require more research.)

About the author:

Mike Spencer recently became unemployed and moved into self employment. He was forced to find his own health insurance plan to protect his family. It wasn’t as easy as he first thought. Here he shares the pitfalls of various plans and what you need to look out for when picking a good plan for you:


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